The Whiskertons Warranty is applicable to the following products:

• Cat Flower Fountain
• Fountain Accessories
• Interactive Bird Simulation Cat Toy Set


The warranty period starts on the product delivery date and lasts for a total of 24 months. You have the option to extend your warranty by an additional 12 months. For more questions about extending your Whiskertons warranty, please contact


The Whiskertons Warranty covers any quality issues caused by a non-artificial reason. For the products in which this warranty applies to (please see the list of applicable products above), we will offer a one-time replacement for any parts or the entire product depending on the case.

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee for any reason and a 24-month warranty for any quality issues. Furthermore, the warranty is not applicable for refunds and can only be used for a one-time part / product replacement.


The Whiskertons Warranty does not apply to any of the following (not limited to):

• Use in commercial or industrial applications.
• Improper power supply such as low voltage, defective household wiring or inadequate fuses.
• Damage caused by external influences.
• Damage caused by use with non-approved products and accessories.
• Damage caused by operating the product outside the permitted or intended uses described in the user manual, such as using in abnormal operating conditions (extreme temperatures);
• Damage due to acts of nature, animals, lightning strikes, tornadoes, floods, fire, earthquakes, transportation or other external causes.


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